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An account that holds shares and securities in electronic format is called a Demat account. The objective of opening a Demat account is to keep shares that have been purchased or dematerialized. This means it is converted from physical to electronic shares, hence simplifying online trading for users. We help you open demat accounts and hold all investments, including equities, government securities, exchange-traded funds, bonds, and mutual funds, in one place. It not only cuts redundant paperwork but also assists in streamlining the share trading procedure.

Types of Demat accounts


Investors based in India use a standard Demat account. For share-trading investors, it is the ideal Demat account.


Non-resident Indians, in addition to residents of India, can invest in the equity markets. However, NRIs cannot support using a regular Demat account as repatriation of funds is not authorized. You may transfer funds abroad, but you must have a Non-Resident External NRE bank account for it.


It is a Demat account used by non-resident Indians in which funds cannot be sent outside the country. This form of Demat account needs a linked NRO bank account.

Benefits of the Demat account

  • Easy access
    • A Demat Account can provide quick access to your investments and statements through net banking. Additionally, these facts are accessible from any smart device - computer, smartphone, or other.
  • Simple dematerialization of securities
    • If an investor owns physical certificates, they need to instruct the depository participant (DP) to convert them to electronic form. Similarly, electronic certificates can be converted to physical certificates upon request.
  • Receiving stock dividends and benefits
    • Demat Accounts have streamlined receiving dividends, interest, and refunds. Everything is automatically credited to the account. Additionally, it is highly straightforward for investors to update their statements with stock splits, bonus issues, rights, and public issues via electronic clearing service (ECS).
    • Easy transfer
      • Transferring shares has also become considerably more accessible due to the ease with which they may be purchased or sold. Previously, the physical transfer of shares took around a month. Costs have been decreased as a result of this more straightforward method. There is no stamp duty on the transfer of electronic securities.
    • Liquidity of shares
      • Demat Accounts have simplified, accelerated, and simplified the process of selling shares

    Documents required to open a Demat account

    Identity proof like Driving License, PAN card, etc

    A Address proof like Passport

    Income proof for trading in derivatives (e.g.: ITR acknowledgment)

    A canceled cheque as proof of bank account

    3 passport size photographs

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