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RoDTEP (Remission of Duties or Taxes on Export Products) is a scheme designed to help Indian exporters become more cost-competitive and to level the playing field in the global market. The RoDTEP plan will take the place of the current MEIS scheme, which is in violation of WTO standards and rules.

The new RoDTEP Scheme complies fully with WTO requirements. It will compensate any federal, state, and local taxes/duties/levies that are not currently repaid under any of the existing schemes but are incurred during the manufacturing and distribution processes. However, we are here to guide you step by step regarding the requirements and assist you regarding all the taxes/duties.


  • The new RoDTEP Scheme is comparable to the existing RoSCTL Scheme (Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies), or we could argue that RoSCTL is the forerunner of RoDTEP.
  • The present RoSCTL Scheme is limited to the textile and garment industries.
  • As with RoSCTL, the application will be made under RoDTEP.
  • An application must be submitted online using the ICEGate website (https://www.icegate.gov.in/) using a Class 3 Individual type Digital Signature Certificate.
  • The Exporter/Applicant shall associate pertinent shipping bills with the online application.
  • The return under the RoDTEP Scheme may be in the form of transferable duty credit or electronic scrip that is recorded in the electronic ledger.
  • The process will be implemented using end-to-end digitization.

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