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The term 'Import Export Code,' more commonly abbreviated as IEC, refers to a ten-digit number issued by the Director-General of Foreign Trade. The 'Import Export Code' is a legal requirement for everyone involved in the import or export of products or services from India.

Every business seeking to grow its product or service from the domestic market to the international market must obtain an IEC. Additionally, IEC is required in order to qualify for export scheme benefits from the DGFT, customs, and export promotion council. IEC is a mandatory requirement for all imports and exports from India; however, IEC is not required for the following imports and exports :

  • Import/export of personal goods. This type of import/export is unrelated to commerce, manufacturing, or agriculture.
  • Import/export by government ministries, departments, and charitable organizations that have been notified.

The technical requirements for the submission of an IEC

  • Token with a valid digital signature (Class II or III)
  • A valid PAN number
  • A valid mobile phone number and an email address.
  • Valid Branch Office Addresses
  • A valid bank account in the IEC Holder's name
  • A valid Aadhar Card that matches the information on the PAN Card.

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