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Export clearance is a critical stage in exporting goods from India. Customs Clearance is the process through which the Customs Department authorizes the entry of a person or item. The permission occurs upon the submission of the required customs clearance paperwork and completion of the customs clearance process. Businesses exporting and importing goods into and out of the country must cross certain customs barriers, as specified by the government. Typically, the customs clearance procedure begins with the preparation of documentation to be submitted electronically or physically with the consignment.

Udyogwardhini's experienced technical professionals can assist you in clearing your goods promptly and efficiently using an automated customs clearance network. Our customs professionals can assist you in navigating the customs department's complexities. We take care of all import and export permission requirements. Additionally, we provide necessary guidance on any product specifications or non-tariff restrictions.

Paperwork Required for Import Customs Clearance

  • Invoice of Pro Forma
  • Packing List for Customs
  • Certification by Country of Origin or COO
  • Invoice Commercial
  • Shipping Invoice
  • Transport Bill of Lading
  • Sight Bill
  • Credit Letter
  • Exchange Bill
  • Export Permit
  • Receipt from the warehouse
  • Certificates of Health
  • Entry Bill
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Certificate of Registration and Membership in the RCMC
  • Declaration of the GATT/DGFT
  • Technical documentation, literature
  • Industrial Permit

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