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This program provides cutting-edge training on blockchain technology and its applications. This course is intended for cryptocurrency traders & aspirants and is designed to help traders in traditional asset classes such as equities, commodities, and currencies effortlessly move to trade on cryptocurrency marketplaces. Participants will be able to understand market drivers, dynamics, trading decision-making framework, wallet maintenance and much more. This course is a perfect unified platform to learn about the crypto markets.

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Key Highlights

Connect with domain experts and gain crypto insights
Learn A to Z about the crypto industry
Do's and Don'ts in Cryptocurrency Trading

What will you learn in the program?

Day 1

Blockchain Technology – Emergence & Advantages

  • The emergence of Blockchain Technology
  • Crypto assets
  • Consensus Algorithm
  • How does Blockchain work?
  • Why Should Businesses Use Blockchain Technology?
Day 2

Cryptocurrency Coins And Digital Tokens

  • Bitcoins and Altcoins
    • Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin-based Altcoins
    • Altcoins with Native blockchain
  • Types of Cryptocurrencies Coins and Tokens
    • Coins versus Tokens
    • Stablecoins
    • Security Tokens
    • Utility Tokens
  • Creating new cryptocurrency by mining
  • Incentive for mining
Day 3

The Ecosystem – Trading In Cryptocurrencies

  • What are the different types of cryptocurrency exchanges?
  • How can you open an account in a Crypto Exchange?
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges versus Equity Exchanges
  • Using the Crypto Exchange Mobile Trading Application
  • Features and Functionality of a Mobile Trading Application
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Participants in the Crypto assets Markets
Day 4


  • What Is The Meaning Of Bitcoin?
  • History and Characteristics of Bitcoin
  • Why is a third party required for a traditional financial transaction?
  • Double-Spend problem and Solution
  • Who are Bitcoin Miners?


  • What is Ethereum? How Is Ethereum Different From Bitcoin?
  • What Is The Meaning Of Gas Or Ether – Ethereum’s Own Cryptocurrency?
  • Denominations of Ether – Gas Prices Measured In Gigawei Or Gwei

Meme Coins & Tokens

  • What are meme coins or digital tokens?
  • Rules To Follow While Trading In Meme Coins
  • High Price Volatility and Risk Management
  • Old and New Meme Coins – Where To Trade?
  • Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Timeline
Day 5

Ic15 Crypto Index

  • What is a Crypto-Markets Index?
  • Why is a Crypto-Markets Index required?
  • IC15 Index – Benchmark for the Global Cryptocurrency Markets
  • Key Characteristics of the IC15 Index
  • Index Basket Creation
  • What is Circulating Market Capitalization?
  • Maximum number of index constituents
  • Index constituents weightage
  • How is the index calculated?
  • What is an Index Divisor and Why is it required?
  • What is Index Rebalancing And Reconstitution?
  • When is the change in the index basket announced?
  • What is the currency in which the IC15 index is valued?
  • Index precision dissemination and committee
  • Benefit of IC15
  • Cryptocurrency Index – Barometer of Global Crypto assets Markets
Day 6

Fundamental Analysis Framework For Cryptocurrencies

  • Challenges of Performing Fundamental Analysis On Cryptocurrencies
  • How Do We Perform Fundamental Analysis On Cryptocurrencies?
  • Key Metrics
  • Cryptonomics – Impact of Price Drivers
    • Price volatility
    • Bitcoin versus Ether Price Chart
    • Bitcoin versus Gold Futures Price Chart
    • Bitcoin versus NASDAQ Index
    • Bitcoin versus NIFTY Index
    • Bitcoin versus US 10-year Treasury Yield Curve
Day 7

Portfolio Diversification And Passive Income Generation Strategies

  • Portfolio diversification using cryptocurrency
  • Portfolio Performance measurement and benchmarking
  • Absolute Return, CAGR, Volatility, RAROC, Sharpe Ratio, Maximum Drawdown
  • Benefits of Portfolio Diversification Of Risk
  • Options of earning from the cryptocurrency markets
    • What is staking and yield farming?
    • Difference between Staking and Yield Farming
    • Other methods for passive earning sources – Airdrops
Day 8

Regulatory Environment – Indian Framework

  • Regulatory Structure for Trading Cryptocurrencies in India
  • Evolutionary Timeline for Regulatory Framework
  • Benefits and Risks of Cryptos as perceived by Central Banks
  • FATF and other global regulators
  • OECD | IOSCO – a perspective
  • CBDCs and their impact on sovereign currency


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Mr.Ajoy Pathak

Blockchain Enthusiast

Mr.Ajoy Pathak is in the Cryptocurrency learning and education space since 2017. Being an advanced learner of the new space, Ajoy enjoys helping the new investors participate in this domain by sharing his knowledge and experience. With a career in research into financial services, trading, and risk management spanning over two decades, Ajoy adds value with his comprehensive experience of the financial markets while including crypto assets in the portfolio along with legacy investment tools.

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Limited batch size of 30 participants


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After opting for this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the underlying physics of blockchain technology and virtual digital assets
  • Get an understanding of how to trade on bitcoin exchanges – prerequisites
  • Analysis of crypto assets on a fundamental and technical level
  • Understand the many forms of cryptocurrency coins and tokens, including the IC15 cryptocurrency index.
  • Recognize what dApps and DeFi are and their application scenarios

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